Green Trees Crochet

Have you ever found yourself in a new place, looking for something familiar? Maybe you moved to a new city, or neighborhood, or were traveling and felt a little lost. The good news that fiber artists know, is that investigating a new local yarn store will always help them find solid ground.

During the years 2018-2021, our family moved states three times. Each time, right after the grocery store, I would find the nearest local yarn store. How far was the drive? What were the hours? Did I need an appointment to shop in-store (ya know, COVID)? In our moving and traveling, I found plenty of stores to explore. However, I never found a local yarn store that focused on crochet.

It became clear that crochet makers deserve an opportunity to be the center of attention. So, once we found just the right spot, we set about to create a space for crochet makers, along with knitters and other fiber artists, where they could discover designers and materials that they may not have worked with before. In this way, we encourage crochet makers to improve their skills and to expand their experience, all in a community of equally inexhuastable makers.